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Bankrupting Joe the Taxpayer with No One to Bail Him Out is a book authored with the intent to educate the reader about the multiple layers of tax we pay in a variety of ways, to the federal, state and local governments.  The cumulative effect of increased taxation of every kind necessary to keep up with excessive spending will first bankrupt taxpaying citizens of the United States,  followed by the official bankruptcy of many states (some large spend states are already technically bankrupt) ending with the bankruptcy of our nation as a whole.

How do we change the direction we are all headed in and avoid economic calamity?

We must first have a reasonable understanding of the problem. This would include the actions of our elected representatives, their staunch supporters and the promises made to them by those same elected representatives at great taxpayer expense.

What most US citizen taxpayers don’t understand or care about are the major political issues and the tremendous negative impact such issues can have on our tax bills if our politicians do not vote in the best interests of the taxpayers who put them in office in the first place.

In addition to lacking a complete understanding of the major political issues such as health care reform, taxpayers are totally unaware of the many abuses taking place right under their very noses that translate into higher and higher taxes in one form or another each and every year.

Bankrupting Joe The Taxpayer is a primer that attempts to start the education process for all taxpayers that will hopefully lead to the badly needed reforms at the federal, state and local levels of government.                                                                                                             
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