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Listen to my October 24th interview on www.SteelonSteel.com/broadcasts.php.  Click on Real Audio or MP3 version and use "joetaxpayer" as both your username and password. 

I finally had a chance to read your book on a trip back from London Sunday - Wanted you to know how much I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found it easy to read, outrageous and inspiring. Regarding our next election, I’m compiling a list of 10 simple questions for the House and Senate based on your fine book. Hopefully the American people will fire everyone that has created this mess and utilize this Obama provided opportunity to finally take back America.

This isn’t an issue of Republicans vs Democrats – it is an outrageous outcome provided to us by a now corrupt government that we’ve allowed to become career politicians. The celebration of Ted Kennedy as a career politician was very sad and disturbing.

I am absolutely convinced that this is at the heart of the problem and it is time for us to stand up and say… enough! Let’s elect no one that doesn’t support term limits for public servants who intend to limit the role of this ever expanding self serving government.
Paul M. 9.15.09

I had the pleasure of reading Dom’s book and wanted you to know that it is really excellent.

If you’re interested in learning more about illegal immigration, energy policy, taxation, stimulus, pork, health care, abuse of power etc… you will really enjoy this easy to read book.

You can borrow my copy but there is already a line of people following my wife and Bob.

I am most interested in the perspectives of some of you, my liberal friends as I grapple to better understand the important issues facing our country."

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