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Bookviews - January 2010

By Alan Caruba - My Picks of the Month (Excerpt)

Americans have been taking to the town halls and the streets of Washington to protest changes to Medicare that would give the government control over one sixth of the nation’s economy. For even longer, they have resented being taxed and, indeed, the American Revolution was based on “taxation without representation.” Today’s Americans have very little idea how the government conspires to take away their income (as often as not to give it to others who do not work for it.) Bankrupting Joe the Taxpayer With No One to Bail Him Out by D. J. Golio ($24.95/$16.95, Authorhouse, hard and softcover) is a book I would unhesitatingly recommend to anyone and everyone because, even if you think you’re making too little to pay income taxes, you are being taxed in countless other ways. Just check your telephone or utility bills and you will discover the truth of this. My December monthly telephone bill included $14.00 in federal excise and other taxes, as well as a state tax! Every time you fill up your car’s tank, you are paying taxes. The proposed Healthcare “reform” ignores the fact that no one by federal law can be denied medical care at any hospital. Many younger, healthier Americans do not want to purchase health care insurance. Many real reforms such as tort reform to avoid billions in court judgments are ignored. The costs of illegal aliens in America are huge and astonishing. And the appalling waste of many federal and state government programs, in addition to huge pension payouts, must be curbed. The author is a Certified Public Accountant who has an undergraduate degree in accounting and a MBA in taxation. He has been an adjunct assistant professor in the Pace University Department of Accounting and Finance for a decade. He has written a brilliant, easily understood book on why you are being bankrupted by government at every level and with every purchase.

From Financialsense.com 12/12/09

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Part 1: Gold - Bubble Trouble or Ready to Double |Other Voices: Dom Golio Author Bankrupting Joe the Taxpayer
From Newsblaze.com 11/11/09

Move Over "Joe The Plumber" ... There's a New Joe in Town
- Sit up and take notice! Your tax dollars are NOT working for you!
-Have you actually looked at your paycheck or utility bill lately?

Where has 'Joe the Plumber' gone? Barely one year ago he was all the rage as Republicans pointed to him as a way to criticize now-President Obama's tax plan and wealth-sharing arguments. In his new book, Bankrupting Joe the Taxpayer With No One to Bail Him Out, D. J. Golio says go ahead and forget the plumber, there's a new Joe in town and he's more important now than ever before.

Do terms like pork-barrel spending, disposable income or alternate minimum tax make your eyes glaze over? In Bankrupting Joe the Taxpayer, Golio has written a tax book for the lay person. In a concise, easy to understand format, Golio explains just where your tax dollars are going and why you should be worried!

Using a standard telephone bill as an example, Golio shows the multiple layers of tax we pay in a variety of ways to the federal, state and local governments. The cumulative effect of excessive taxation and spending will first lead to the bankruptcy of taxpaying citizens, followed by state bankruptcy and ultimately bankruptcy of the United States government.

Truly understanding taxation is the first step. A total reformation of government taxes is the goal. Filled with easy to understand examples of multi-layer taxation as well as alternatives to increased taxation, Golio explains:

How taxation increasingly eats away at our hard earned money
Abusive spending patterns by the government
Why taxes go up each and every year
How reduction of services may be a good thing
How illegal immigrants are draining our pocketbooks
The differences between health care, health coverage and medical care and why it matters

"Bankrupting Joe the Taxpayer is a primer that starts the education process for all taxpayers," says Golio, "This can lead to badly needed reforms at the federal, state and local levels of government. Only by understanding the tax process can we make our elected officials accountable for their actions."

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