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On the subject of health care reform, I have listed some excerpts from the book in an attempt to generate interest in reading the content that the author believes is so vital to the economic well-being of every US citizen and the nation as a whole.

-Health Coverage is not an entitlement but rather an insurance policy that will provide funds to pay for most necessary and important health care needs that we may have.

-Health Care is when we address our individual health care needs in a variety of ways such as visiting a doctor when we are sick, exercising to keep ourselves fit and less susceptible to physical problems associated mostly with aging, going to the hospital for emergency care and so on.

-Medical Care is a service we receive from a health care provider when it is necessary to address illness or other medical emergencies.  This type of medical care is currently available to everyone in the United States, citizens and illegal immigrants all, and has been available for many years as a matter of Federal Law.  You cannot be turned away from a public hospital or emergency room when a medical condition needs immediate attention. 

-Malpractice Litigation has had a major impact on the cost of medical care and has driven the cost of malpractice insurance through the roof for doctors who must pass this cost on to the patients. Despite this reality, not one politician has dared to bring up the subject of malpractice litigation or tort reform since most of the politicians we send to represent us either at the federal, state or local government levels are lawyers who are reluctant to take on the trial lawyers who contribute heavily to all politicians to influence their voting behavior.

How much does the federally mandated medical care to all persons in the United States (legal residents and illegal immigrants as well) cost the American citizen taxpayers each year?  Billions and billions of dollars paid each year and rising, all on the backs of those same taxpayers.

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